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Starting with their very first shop in the heart of our CBD in 2011, Jewel Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster, cafe, & retailer of coffee beans in Singapore.

Priding themselves as the “fastest growing specialty coffee company”  that is “pushing barriers and raising industry standards” in Singapore’s booming coffee culture, they guarantee customers the most satisfying cup of morning inspiration you can find!


Amidst the global pandemic, the demand for our Sales Agents has increased with more Brands exploring different ways and avenues of generating sales. Being the pioneer batch for a new project is like starting on a blank canvas where the team gets the opportunity to explore what is the best marketing strategy. For us, this also means keeping a look out to see which individual would be able to step up.

In some cases like this, project testing also includes product testing (a.k.a Coffee Tasting). Who’s up for the next PROJECT TEST?


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