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Learning from Jürgen Klopp ⚽

Thus, winning their Premier League title for the first time in their history as the Reds are Champions of England for the first time in over 30 years and for the 19th time overall.

Similarly at Sirius Marketing, we want to create an environment and platform for those lacking the skills to become entrepreneurs and/or great leaders.

Here are some of the reasons why Jürgen Klopp has his achievements today, which we can learn from:


When building his team, Jürgen Klopp doesn’t just look at a soccer player’s talent. He closely considers the personality and previous behaviour of the person and also those they hang out with. This was to maintain the harmonious unit of his team on and off the field, and avoid any outrageous personalities that could disrupt that.

👉🏼 Skills and knowledge are some things that can be picked up overtime with proper training. But characteristics and values of a person cannot be trained, they are developed throughout someone’s life.


He has been described as “superb at adapting to changes” and “revolutionised his own approach”.

👉🏼 The only thing constant, is change. We never know what’s going to happen one year, one week, or even one hour from now. To become great leaders, we need to be adaptable for anything and everything that is thrown at us.


Together with his infectious personality, Jürgen Klopp has earned the respect and adoration of his players, and gave them them an “unshakeable self belief” that they can beat anyone they face.

👉🏼 The key thing here is for the relationship to be genuine and sincere. As a leader or an entrepreneur, you need to have the ability to INSPIRE others. But first, they need to buy you before they would follow you with blind faith. That is done over time by building relationships to earn their respect and trust.


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