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Beau-THAI-ful Thailand

Pilot: Li Zhi Jia, Co-Pilot: Prabhakar

It’s that time of the year again, flying across borders with fresh faces and empty luggages waiting to be filled with knowledge! We brought the new leaders to experience the vibrant atmosphere we love so much about Thailand, one of our favourite countries to visit (as you can see from our events page, it’s a yearly affair!). Here are some of us tagging along with the sales representatives and interacting with the locals.

Communication goes beyond just being verbal, we definitely explored many forms of it when it came to interacting with someone who didn’t speak the same language as us. Practicing amplifying our body language and facial expressions beforehand was helpful!

And just like building a friendship, learning goes both ways. Our business partners were just as eager to learn from us, if not more! Here are our 2 Pilots sharing and inspiring the Thailand team with their experience in the business…

And in our usual style, we believe classrooms go beyond just 4 walls,

which is why we prefer it over a more casual setting.

Killing 3 birds with one stone, we accomplished: 1) Learning from the best 2) Exploring new places 3) Trying different food

Once again, we would like to thank our business partners for taking such good care of us during our stay, and bringing us to such amazing places with scrumptious food! We appreciate you sharing your experiences with us and here’s wishing everyone more success in Thailand!


Congratulations to Baby Faye for becoming a big sister to Baby Kayla ♡♡♡

Looking forward to the next time we can meet again with the whole family!


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