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Looking for a job in Singapore?

COVID-19 has impacted every single person in every single country.

Employers struggling to keep their business afloat, employees worrying about their job security, and job seekers scrambling to secure a job.

Although Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in its April report that "The unemployment situation continued to improve in April 2021," in Singapore, many still struggle due to different reasons.

Challenges Jobseekers face in Singapore

In an article published on DollarsAndSense Business, one of the challenges is #2 Job Skills Gap which highlights the importance of bridging the skills gap in order to meet the role's expectations and demands.

Other than Job-Specific Skills that is needed for an individual to fulfil the job description, there are also Transferrable Skills that individuals can take from one company to another. In this current pandemic we are in, it has become increasingly important for individuals to improve this regardless if the job vacancy is a full time or part time job.

Transferrable Skills

Forbes suggested that improving these skills would benefit one's career in the long run regardless of the role:

  1. Technical

  2. Communication

  3. Critical Thinking

  4. Multitasking

  5. Teamwork

  6. Creativity

  7. Leadership

To some degree, jobseekers will find that they may already possess some of these skills, and also be able to identify which is weaker that needs improvement. There are many courses, workshops, and materials available online, however in the wise words of Will Smith..."skills is achieved through practice".


Get in those Practices!

While it is clear that the impact of COVID-19 doesn't seem to be disappearing soon, it's time to start adapting rather than waiting it out.

Knowledge and skills acquired today needs proper guidance. Which is why Sirius Marketing's top priority for the next decade is NURTURING others, because we believe the learning process is instrumental in shaping one's personality and the way they deal with life’s situations.

Sales is more than what you see on "Wolf of Wall Street". As a role that is mainly customer facing, it's a platform that provides you many opportunities to improve some of the transferrable skills mentioned above.

So before you start thinking "I don't like being pushy/aggressive/annoying people/etc."


Sales is a simple business of building relationships with others in order to solve their problems! The personal growth that many before have achieved, has given them a strong foothold that benefitted them in their career paths.

Email us at to nurture your skills with us 🌱


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