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Regional Office Visit: 📍Kuala Lumpur

(Left to Right: Rong Tai, Saarah, Prabha, Yuki, Jia, Kerry, Jing Zhi, Crystal)

Jing Zhi joined Sirius Star Marketing in May 2020, just as Covid-19 hit the world. Despite that, he has triumphed through the pandemic and proven himself to be a valuable asset to invest in. Check out our interview with him to find out more about his first time travelling with us!

Name: Jing Zhi (a.k.a JZ)

Age: 25 Years Old

Background: Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Interviewer (I): How do you feel about being one of the few selected for the Office Visit in Malaysia?

Jing Zhi (JZ): I'm super honoured, happy, and grateful to be selected for this trip because this shows that Jia wants to invest in me. Plus, it’s my first overseas trip with the company! I'm excited to gain exposure and identify where I need to work on in my current situation. Also, I'm looking forward to networking with James Greaves, Vishnu, and Terrence Tay to make sure they know about my presence in the organisation.

I: What did you enjoy most?

JZ: The networking sessions with the Managing Directors of the Kuala Lumpur offices. They are very welcoming and open to sharing their knowledge and experiences. On the last night when we gathered at Terrence's house, we got to speak to all of them to learn about their struggles and how they managed to overcome them.

I: Who impacted you the most?

JZ: Megat from Sutra Group. He shared this quote “A real man fulfils a promise when he makes a promise”. One of the things I picked up is to make a promise to someone you don't so well and have a bet with him that if you don't fulfil your promise, you have to sacrifice something precious.

I: What was your biggest takeaway?

JZ: The support system we have in this industry is massive. Even outside of Singapore, the support system is there whenever you require help.

I: What advice do you have for others who are fighting for the next trip?

JZ: Be indisputable! Be the person who Jia talks about all the time in terms of sales & recruitment. Be hungry for knowledge. Lastly, always dare to speak up to ask for opportunities!

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