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Sirus Bonding @ Laser Ops

The key to a successful business is communication. To have good communication, it is vital for managers and owners to bond and spend time with their employees. To achieve that why not add some fun to it?

We planned a night of laser ops with the managers and the owners. As we stepped in, our adrenaline started pumping. We could clearly see the competitiveness in certain individuals. Knowing that we were outnumbered by our competitors, we carefully planned strategies and tactics to ensure a successful game against them. In all fairness to the competitors, some of us had experience playing laser ops and they probably didn’t anticipate us to be so competitive, with all that said we won!

Feeling triumphant, we strutted out with our heads held high for some lip-smacking dinner, drinks and karaoke; for the divas in some of us. The night was pure fun and exhilarating.


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