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🎓 Workshop: Team Dynamics & Alignment

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."

- James Cash Penny, Entrepreneur

One of the reasons why employees leave their company is they feel there is a lack of growth at their current company. Employees want to grow, learn, and develop, however the the absence of opportunities to do so causes them to feel unfulfilled. Ultimately leading them to find it elsewhere.

With Excellence as one of our core values, we believe in being the best. And to be the best, we need to constantly upgrade ourselves to keep up with evolving trends.

As our organisation continues to grow, we invited Helen, a professional coach, to run a 4 day workshop focusing on Orgnanisational Growth: Team Dynamics & Alignment. Comprising of theory, group discussions, and fun practical activities, there will always be something to take away as long as you attend the workshops with an interest to grow.

Looking for a place to grow with the company?

Here at Sirius Star Marketing, we encourage people to "empty your cup". Meaning, to let go of preconceived judgements in order to be open to new experiences and perspectives.

Regardless of your age or experience, we welcome you to come be students in our classroom!


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