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Appe-THAI-zing Trip!

Everyone knows the best part of life is FOOD.

As a wise man once said…


Hold that thought and wipe up your drool though, because today we aren’t talking about literal food,

but also food for this little guy right here…


So off Sirius went on our adventures again!

Selected individuals from our Singapore and Hong Kong office traveled to the land known for their smiles…BANGKOK, THAILAND, to visit our business partners.

Like locals, we made our way around using the BTS Skytrain.


(We’re pretty sure this is how they pose while waiting for their trains)

Day 1: Jae’s Office (North Klong Toey, Wattana,  Bangkok)


Day 2: Bon’s Office (Bansuan Mueng, Chonburi, Thailand)

Located in the middle of a village area, this office transports you into another world with their industrial theme.

bon's office

Day 3: Bom’s Office (Payathai, Ratchatewi, Bangkok)

bom's office

Some of the clients we had the opportunity to represent:


We would love to extend our gratitude for everyone’s hospitality! For welcoming and taking care of us while we were there, sharing with us your culture and more importantly, the BRAIN FOOD!

Image result for cartoon zombie eating brain

And of course, we ended the trip with the best Bangkok has to offer


Thus concludes our adventures and it was time for us to head home!

This is definitely not ‘Goodbye’… We will see everyone again better, stronger, & funnier



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