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Carry Hope 2023 7.7km Walk-A-Jog

Indeed it was a beautiful day when we participated in the event on 26th February to increase the public’s awareness on rare diseases and the patient community! The skies were clear and the sun was kind enough to hide behind the passing clouds.

"RARE DISORDERS SOCIETY (SINGAPORE) is a charity (newly attained IPC status on 8 December 2022) that raises awareness for the challenges faced by the patients and their families living with a rare disease. We aim to advocate for equity and empowering them,to help improve their quality of life."

The CARRY HOPE 2023 WALK-A-JOG CHALLENGE, is where we carry the hopes and wishes of their beneficiaries with us as we help to raise awareness and funds. With an option to run 7.7km or to walk 4.4km, of course we chose to run 7.7km because we're ambitious (...yet maybe we slightly over estimated our physical fitness 🫢🫢😮‍💨)!

If you love an organisation where we have weekly team outings ranging from; eating, go karting, singing, playing board games, and testing your physical fitness, head on to our Careers Page to join us!

All smiles before the challenge commenced.

All smiles because the challenge is over and also....PAUL FOSTER 🤩

Thank you to all the sponsors for supporting this event!


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