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Farewell 112

Thank you 112 Robinson Road!

We are excited to announce that we will be moving to a new location which will be revealed soon 😉

Our old space has served us well for 4 years, and we’ve made great memories. But we couldn’t be more excited about having a new space!

Located just a few steps away from our current location, we still have the convenience of transport and food.

So why move?

1. Space

Launching new campaigns has allowed us to have more growth in our organisation. At the rate we are growing within the first quarter of 2018, our current location was getting a bit tight and crowded. The new space would not just be 1 level, but 2 levels catered to us! Thus, allowing us to rethink our layout, and designing it in a more modern way that better suits our dynamic culture.

2. Neighbours

Wherever we go, we make our presence KNOWN. Our current neighbours however, are your conventional offices that function in a quiet environment. That unfortunately, does not really gel well with our style of operating. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure we found something where we could freely express ourselves without inconveniencing others. With Lady Luck on our side, our ‘swanky‘ new place has ONE UNIT PER FLOOR. Did somebody say ‘neighbours’? What are those?

It’s going to be an exciting journey, and we look at this new location as a start of another chapter in our history! Our packing has already started and we’ve been visiting our new space often to ensure everything is in tip top condition. We’ll update again when we have officially moved in and settled down with new photos of our new space!


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