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Owner’s Invitational RnR 2019

This trip is for you if you are; handsome, not-so-handsome, have 3 legs, or have 7 arms. Basically, as long as you are a human who loves meeting people from different countries, and love a good reason to dress up…


The Owner’s Invitational RnR Trip happens twice a year where only invited Brand Ambassadors from all around the globe gather together to learn from the best in the industry. BUT, if you thought the learning was just about the industry, you are sorely mistaken! ☝🏻

Probably more than 50% of the workshops or conversations that go on have nothing to do with our industry. Instead, they are much more about life outside of work which many still struggle with no matter what stage of their life they are in. (Plus really, how much can someone really talk about work? 😛)

Want to be invited for the next event? Just ask our handsome MD!


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