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Hong Kong Guests visiting SG!

One of the things we pride ourselves in, is our vast network in many countries. This allows us to set up opportunities for new people to experience other cultures and meet different people! FRET NOT for those who are unable to travel, because on some occasions like this, we too get visitors which means that you will still get the chance to meet and learn from our guests when they come to our local shores!

Roy runs his own office in Hong Kong, Wan Chai. Along with his team, they represent many Charity Organisation to help raise brand awareness and financial support for the beneficiaries. Hungry and excited to learn, our team gladly shared their experiences with the guests whilst also having an insight into their role in HK.

 👑Thank you to Roy and Team ROYalty for visiting us! 👑

(See what he did there?)

We have many overseas trips planned out all year round ✈️ If you are a wanderlust-er like us, drop us an email 📧/a call ☎️

to find out more about what we do!


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