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Pacific Light Appreciation Day

Who is PacificLight and what do they do?




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We’re moving towards a fully-liberalised power market! Starting in Jurong back in April, households and businesses have the option of choosing their electricity retailers OR they can continue purchasing from SP Group directly at the regulated tariff.

PacificLight is one of the electricity retailers that has been providing businesses in Singapore with energy since 2013, and has since extended to residents this year!

Seeing the potential of the industry, we partnered with PacificLight, to expand our specialties. Being unfamiliar and new on this voyage did not scare us as we dove head first into choppy seas, learning as we went along. Fast forward to September, we had the first Appreciation day for this new campaign to recognise the efforts of the crew members who helped steer the ship to calmer waters!

Why should you remember these faces?

Because these are the gentlemen you will be looking for if you are keen on switching your electricity retailer in the future.

“As part of the Energy Market Authorities’ plan to fully-liberalise Singapore’s energy market, the nationwide launch will roll out progressively in 4 stages according to postal codes.”

Alternatively, you can contact us if you are keen to know more. Once again congratulations to the team and we look forward to more ‘Positive Energy‘ in the future too!


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