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During our O₂ Dinner, we had 2 tables filled to the brim with people we trust and work closely with.

Let’s continue to build people who will then build the business together.


As we “tossed” in good luck and positivity for our 2020 journey:

May our goals be as high as the White Radish that ended up on the ceiling.

May we be as determined for success as we are when finding the raw salmon.

And may we find another restaurant to dine in next year because they might not us back

after the mess we made.

(Sorry Melben Seafood!)


Also, congratulations to our admins who were rewarded bonuses

Daphne: 5 Years Long Service Award, and “< 2 Days MC In A Year” Award Yan Ling: “< 2 Days MC In A Year” Award Fairuz: “< 2 Days MC In Half A Year” Award

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