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What do you do?

Behold, the most commonly asked question.

And yet, a simple one-word answer doesn’t allow people to fully understand what we do without being categorised into ‘oh…one of those.‘.


You Say: I’m in sales. They Think: You’re a pushy, sweet-talking charmer.

You Say: I’m an influencer. They Think: You’re just a pretty face without substance.

People nowadays don’t have the attention span for us to give them the whole low-down of what we do. (Sad, but true.)

However, if you are still reading on, congratulations you’re above the norm!


we help other companies with their Sales & Marketing.

Still with us? Great! Now the next million dollar question is:


Direct face-to-face channels

We’re talking about that personal human touch, 2 way real time conversation. ‘Building a friendship with a stranger within a 5 minute exchange’ kind of deal.

No doubt technology made our lives better, and more efficient. So,


do we still use such traditional methods?

~ Let’s take a trip down memory lane…~ Do you remember the time when your mobile network was down? Or the time the website crashed while you were trying to check out?

As advanced as technology has become, so have viruses and bugs. Its unpredictability, has therefore caused it to become unreliable at times.

Which is why with our specialisation in the direct face-to-face methods, companies like Tom’s have the confidence in knowing their products will still be able to reach their customers. (You’re welcome Tom.)

 Hope this helps!


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