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Christmas 2022: 📍Bali

After a 2 year hiatus, we are finally back in Bali to restart our Annual Christmas Party!

Bringing an even bigger team with us, which meant we needed a bigger space to house everyone.

Featuring the biggest villa we have ever stayed at...ANAPURI VILLA.

"A stunning boutique complex, that consists of four private villas, each with their own unique facilities and dedicated staff.

All of the villas are ultimate beachfront, allowing every guest to take in views of the breathtaking ocean or stroll on the beach at

any time and at their own pace."

Since we had our own space away from others, we spent most of the time in the villa enjoying their many amenities like; the infinity pool, pool table, and MOVIE THEATRE (our personal favourite).

What's Bali without heading to Motel Mexico where it's good vibes and good food all the time!

And as tradition dictates, all new comers were each warmly welcomed with their very own:

🔥 Goblet of Fire 🔥

After which the night was a blur of laughing, dancing, and protecting our tables from being danced on by strangers.

Check it all out here in Part 1 of our Bali video 👇🏼

Accommodation: Anapuri Villas

Featured: Motel Mexicola


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