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🦌🎄⛄ 🎁❄️🎅🏼

Santa Claus(es)Elves, Christmas Trees, Presents, Gingerbread manCandy Cane, RudolphSnowman

and a Fireplace.

🦌🎄⛄ 🎁❄️🎅🏼

There were just SOME of the crazy outfits that were featured during our Themed Dinner in our Villa. Be it homemade, rented, or bought, we were impressed by everyone’s effort to dress up despite the heat! (Tho’ we’re pretty sure a good motivator was also the ‘Special’ Drink prepared

if you were voted the most underdressed.)

This year was more special because we invited: 🇭🇰Hong Kong Business Partner – Kelly and her team 🇭🇰 🍺LevelGround Bar Business Partners 🍺

And if you have been follow up with our past Christmas celebrations in Bali, of course we had to welcome our new initiates with our tradition of Motel Mexicola ‘Goblets of Fire’!

Will you be joining us next year?

Theme: Everything Christmas Accommodation: Abaca Villas Featured: Motel Mexicola


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