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☀️ Fun Day ☀️

Sirius Star Marketing, together with our business partners, form O² organisation.

Made up of more than 100 sales ambassadors, we represent different clients with different shift requirements. This means most of the time our sales ambassadors don't get to interact with one another.

So for this Fun Day, we wanted to make sure that they get to mix around with one another, build connections, and catch up with those they haven't managed to in a while.

Introducing the 10 teams:

After 4 intense games; Dog & Bone, Tic-Tac-Toe, Trivia Relay, & Balloon Arena, the 3 teams that emerged at the top are ELECTRIC, FIRE NATION, & TEQUILA ROSE !

After the past few days of downpour, we are grateful for a bright sunny day and everyone who participated actively despite the heat. Big shout out to the Pink Bandanas team a.k.a the Bones of O² who helped in the planning and organising of the event!

Post: IG Reel


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