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Organisational Head Advancement: Li Zhi Jia

"I want to thank all the different mentors that I've worked with, you've definitely impacted my life in some way:

Terrence, Shane Ward, Vishnu.

James Greaves, an individual that I've never seen stop working in my early days of being an Owner. Sometimes, I question why he still works and runs meetings. Now, I fully understand why he works extremely hard for the people, and I want to thank him for being one of the mentors in my life.

Chee Wai, an individual that I didn't have the chance to start working with initially, but started to get to know a lot better in the later stages. We clicked very well in value systems, and belief systems. We struggled along the way a little bit with a couple of conversations and chats, but I definitely want to say he's another individual I really want to thank a lot. A lot of success, a lot of credit goes to him.

The SW back-end team; Joanne Ng, Choi, Martin, Double O, San, Amitaa. A lot of history, a lot of memories, a lot of drinks... The Singapore SW back-end team; Steven, Yan Wai, Alex, Zen, Vivien, and one individual I really want to specially mention is Francesca. A lot of memories, a lot of fights, a lot of confrontations. We went a long way and I really enjoy the many conversations we've had.

My Back-End team, recruiters, all of you, you work relentlessly and I want to take the chance to say that this wouldn't be possible if not for you.

The entire O₂ Organisation, the entire advancement wouldn't be possible if not for you. This award is not so much of my celebration, but more a pathway for everybody sitting here today. Thank you for being here.

To my wife, Winnie, the cushion for all my negatives. Thank you so much. We did our wedding during covid, we waited for the re-opening of borders which didn't happen so we went ahead with it. And I said that we will do another wedding celebration and invite a lot more of you.

My Owners that advanced. Benzo, Eddie, Kerry, Jerry, Prabha, and all the different owners I worked with. Also, my very good relationship with the Owners in Thailand & Hong Kong, a lot of memories forged. I want to see us going a way longer distance, I want to see us having a lot more Organisation Head advancements.

People ask me how's fatherhood, but I don't think I've been a father just this past month with my newborn. I think I've been a father for quite a long while. All the different guys I work with to be very frank, I treat many of you as my sons and daughters (although some might be as old as me). I want to see you advance, and this award is fully you.

Lets make sure 2024 is an even better and bigger year."

- Li Zhi Jia, Organisational Head


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