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Regional Office Visit: 📍Thailand

Congratulations to these individuals for being selected to visit
our Business Partner's office in Thailand!

These overseas office visits are an opportunity for our agents to gain regional exposure, and network with agents from another countries. To be able to attend these trips, we're looking for individuals who possess the interest to learn and improve their skillsets!

Upon arrival to their offices, we are greeted by these sweet, personalised welcome posters! Visiting our Thailand Business Partners' offices lets the team to observe and also get involved in seeing how they run their trainings & meetings.

Daily morning meetings

Our Managing Director, Jia, was also invited to run a topic for the Thailand agents

(with the help of some local translators of course)

For the rest of the day, the team was attached to the local Thailand team to get the full experience of how their day is like. We're always so grateful for the friendly team who take good care of our team in an unfamiliar territory.

Lastly, our nights end off with more catch ups and great conversations with the Thailand Owners over dinner, and of course drinks which included an intense battle of "Five, Ten".


A trip to Bangkok won't be complete without a visit to the house of our long-term Business Partner, mentor, and friend, Chee Wai. Thank you for not only taking the time to share and speak to the team, but also graciously opening your house for us to gawk at and get inspiration for our future houses!


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