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Sports Day 2017

As people piled into the grandstand seats one by one, the mumurs of the crowd slowly increased with the excitement of everyone getting warmed up for cheers and the races!

The Bone Marrow Donor Programme made an appearance as well to encourage more individuals to enter the bone marrow registry by doing a simple cheek swab test. They were amazing in guiding the new members throughout the entire process, and even shared with them more information on what they did. It was great to understand more about what leukemia patients go through and why their cause is so important. THANK YOU TO THE BONE MARROW DONOR PROGRAMME FOR MAKING TIME TO COME DOWN!

The whole day was well planned out, starting out with warm up in the form of dancing to Ed Sheeran, moving on to the races themselves with breaks of impromptu talent shows. Last but not least, the final event was the Tug-of-war competition between the top 2 teams.

We went in with no expectations to win… We left with aching muscles, sore throats, bloody knees, and the title of ‘TUG OF WAR CHAMPIONS’!


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