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Carry Hope 2024

Sirius Star Marketing is a proud sponsor of CARRY HOPE 2024!

Photo from IG: @rdss_sg

What is Carry Hope?

An event organised by Rare Disorders Society Singapore (RDSS). Lined up with thrilling activities, featuring the dynamic Walk & Run, and the joyful Carnival filled with various games and activities for all to enjoy! 🏃🏽🎡

Who is RDSS?

RDSS is a charity organisation offering informational, psychosocial, and financial support to individuals living with rare diseases, and their families.

The team is a passionate community dedicated to raising awareness, providing support, and driving change for individuals impacted by uncommon illnesses and rare diseases.

Photo from IG: @rdss_sg

This year, we sponsored 2000 customised tote bags for the participants of the Carry Hope Walk & Run.

Featuring Carry Hope's mascot: Hope. Carrying Hope is "akin to carrying many of our beneficiaries who may not be mobile, and are fighting on in their own journey as a rare disorder patient."

We believe it’s important to give back to society not just benefit those in need, but also to foster a culture of compassion and empathy within our organisation. In addition to the tote bags, we also encouraged our team to sign up for the event, and ended up with a total of 83 participants!




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