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Grand Opening: O₂ Co-Working Space

2023 has been a great year of growth for our organisation, which meant more space was needed for our organisation to function more effectively. After many brainstorming sessions and weighing our options, we decided...there was truly no place like home. So we decided to expand our space vertically, and launch our new co-working space on a whole new floor above the current 2 we already occupy!

(Left to Right; Benzo, Jerry, Eddie, Jia, Kerry, Prabha)

All of this would not have been possible, if not for these 6 pillars of the organisation above.

For your investment of ensuring we have a conducive space to function in, and can be proud of.

The O₂ Co-Working Space is themed to replicate a hotel lobby where it is reflects a comfortable lounge area for work. Furnished with cozy armchairs and cushioned sofas, we wanted to create a balance of a laid-back yet conducive work environment. Perfect for those who seek a relaxed ambience to remain focused on their tasks, or have small discussions!

Also equipped with a 120 inch projector screen and 86 inch TV, by day it can be used for meetings and workshops. And by night, a space for football/movie screenings, or private concert with our brand new Powerhouse KTV system.

Not forgetting to thank the amazing back-end team who were behind the set up of the entire space.

For the many late nights of; fixing furnitures, drilling holes, painting art pieces, and putting up the grass wall. We appreciate the time and amount of love you have put into creating such a beautiful space for the organisation to enjoy.

(Left to Right; Ros, Hui Bing, Yanling, Glande, Vanessa, Daphne)

"Doing something for the mere joy of it - for one’s self or others - is quite possibly
one of the best returns on an investment of time that a person can receive."
- Laurie Buchanan


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